Imagine watching the sun set over the horizon whilst you capture the moment of a tribe of lions stalking their prey. Well this does not take any imagination at all because Slips Big Five Safaris can take you there and much further.
Slips Big Five Safaris would like to introduce nature into your world. Our team boasts with over 25 years hunting experience.

We specialize in all species of game, from rabbits to the big five. Africa South of the equator is the place where the big five can be taken on one Safari ! Besides this advantage, many species are only to be found in these countries – think of Bontebuck, Vaal Rheebuck, Blesbuck, Wildebeest and not forgetting the Rhino !!!

As you should know , game occurs in different areas, due to the variety of habitats and climates in Africa. We have different hunting concessions, namely: South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and the hunt is thus planned……, and the hunt is thus planned according to your trophy needs.

We cater for corporate business men, serious trophy hunters or for those who are simply seeking a Get-A-Way.

We see to all your needs of comfort and style, ranging from open sky camping to stylish Five star Hotels.

If however, you are not the wild life expert, let us introduce you to an entirely different world of “Hunting”………..Deep sea Fishing. A Tranquil environment for those more “Timid” at heart.

If that’s not enough, we also specialize in tiger fishing, white river rafting and safaris to capture that “Wild” moment.

To be part of our magical world, you are asked to place your bookings at least 2 months in advance to ensure that we can cater for all your needs and specifications and therefore avoid any disappointment.

Don’t hesitate to have the experience of a life time, a trip that no other
Get-A-Way can offer. Slips Big Five Safaris and the intriguing wild life of Africa will capture your heart and take your mind far away from home.